The Tokyo breakfast rush

Every morning, for a few hours, chefs do their best with the ingredients that they have to make a stable dough. Usually, there will be enough ingredients and preservatives to prevent an unstable dough and resulting bad tasting soggy bit.

A Tokyo style stable dough would be considered too hot in some parts of the World, but here whipping preceding settlement is not at all hot, quite tasty actually.

The ends of baking trays have handles, and baking trays are checked every 2 minutes and poured every so often. Baked on bits are polished every pouring.

If chefs can form a stable dough, ingredients may be oriented every which way, especially if 3 or 4 cooks coordinate to whip the ingredients, which can double in density under these conditions. Note that cooks do not use handles, they leave handles to chefs, because handles are too hot for cooks.

Even in stable dough, settlement does occur, especially in a sour dough or where there is scented squash. Suspended nutty bits can help with this, as can fruity goodness.

Even in the event of an inconveniently underdone soggy bit, plenty of fruity goodness, which seems pre mixed into nearly all ingredients, makes for a delightful buy.


2 minutes: station
Bad taste: someone falling over
Baked on bits: passengers who wish to stay on during a mass exit of passengers
Baking tray: train
Buy: commuting experience
Checking: train stopping
Chefs: station staff
Cooks: male passengers who get on backwards and really squash everyone in with their bums
Delightful: delightful
Every so often: at interchange stations
Fruity goodness: courtesy and manners
Handles: ladies only carriages
Hot: totally inappropriate
Inconveniently underdone: someone who needs to cross a tightly packed train to get out
Ingredients: passengers
Nutty bits: bags, umbrellas etc
Polished: dragged off a train by a pressurised surge of exiting passengers
Pouring: mass exit of passengers
Pre mixed: included by virtue of the prevailing culture
Preservatives: holding overhead handles
Scented squash: when someone’s nose is pressed against someone’s armpit, the armpit having been exposed due to holding an overhead handle
Settlement: movement to reduce pressure
Soggy bit: caucasian passenger
Sour dough: doing your best not to squash up against someone’s buttocks
Stable dough: tightly packed train
Tasty: useful, necessary and normal
Unstable dough: loosely packed train
Whip: increase the number of passengers by squashing them in


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